So there are a ton of great Launchpad templates out there, and the default one is great. But there seems to be absolutely nothing for people that just want to play two decks. You guys may not agree with using Live for this, but that isn't the point of this post. I would like to create, in the simplest way possible, a template or MIDI map of my own devising. This is designed for two Launchpads, one for each deck.

In Live, 2 tracks are split into sections (intro, breadown etc). Hence, there are two tracks, each with 8 loops each, forming a 2x8 grid. Each Launchpad handles the clips from one of the two tracks. Hitting any of the 8 buttons along the side triggers the respective clip in its track. Doing so also starts a loop sequencer thing on the 8 buttons to the left of that clip's button. In an 8-bar loop, this would move the marker to the right every beat. In a 16-bar loop, every 2 beats. Then, hitting one of those buttons will skip to its respective part in the loop. This works similarly to the way Daedalus performs with Monome, but each device plays only one loop at a time.

I quickly tried to map this in Live using the MIDI button but of course I was unable to get anywhere near. Would this be possible to pull off in Live by creating a template script thingy? I've never done this before - where should I start?

I'm posting this here instead of MIDI mappings because I feel I need someone with specific expertise in Live, not in Traktor mapping.