NI S4/S2 or X1 + two F1
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    Default NI S4/S2 or X1 + two F1

    Hello I'm new to Traktor and pretty noobie, so I have hard times deciding on what gear to buy. As I am new, I think I should focus on NI controllers, as they work out of the box. I'm interested more in playing around with tunes and remixing, than playing on gigs, and I don't really see the need of having jog wheels Maybe I will need them later? If not, then maybe X1 + two F1's is better option than S4/S2?

    Any help appreciated

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    if you only use X1 and/or 2x F1, you'll need a soundcard to connect traktor to your mixer (or to your soundsystem).

    A S4/S2 has a built-in soundcard.

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