VCI-400 master out volume very low?
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    Default VCI-400 master out volume very low?

    OK so I finally found the issue and it was because the volume setting for the controller located in Applications > Utilities > Audio Midi Setup was set at -32dB (silly, right?) [macbook]

    I just went in there and turned up the volume back to -0dB and everything is now fantastically fantasical!

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    Hi guys,

    Can't seem to get my VCI-400 EGE's master out volume any louder. I know the problem is not with the speakers, trust me on this.

    I have GAIN all the way up, my MASTER GAIN all the way up, and turned up just about every volume thing I can set my eyes on but for some reason the sound is just so darn low. Running XLR's from the master output in the back directly into my KRKs XLR input.

    I read something about limiters in settings, I took them all off but then the sound is not "loud" it's just distorted. Which is weird because usually sound distorts when it's actually LOUD, but it's so soft yet it's distorting!

    Also, I tried to run the sound straight from my laptop's 1/8" jack by changing the audio output from VCI-400 to BUILT-IN and the sound is perfectly fine this way. So I'm thinking there's something wrong with the VCI. Very strange, very strange indeed.

    Any ideas? I'm going to keep snooping around until I can figure this out
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    - did you check Keylock and Key status?
    - whats the behaviour of TPs CPU meter?
    - any strange observations in settings about driver, sample rate, latency...

    (your test with the built in card was with same track same deck?)

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