This is too funny. I been selected for surveillance Job (Ria)
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    Default This is too funny. I been selected for surveillance Job (Ria)

    i swear these people just try so dam hard and all they do is end up in the JUNK mail
    They should really just start using the postal mail with all the crap they send.
    At least that way, the post office would be able to stay in business and
    they would have a better chance of us opening the letter instead of just (RIGHTCLICK + DELETE) from my email inbox

    What am i talking about? Spammers lol. I just got this letter and it has to be the most fun one to read so far.
    Check it out Congratulations,

    You have been selected for assignment as an Agent in your area.
    You will get $400, once you update Us with report and surveillance,
    and your employment package will include funds for the surveillance.
    Full job description will be sent to you prior in your assignment.
    You will have access to training materials after you register.
    Money order/Payment check would be in a certain amount which you
    would be required to Cash in your Bank, deduct your salary
    and have the rest used for the survilance.

    Provide the following information if you are interested,and be update
    with the next step,it those not matter if you have other jobs.

    complete this form:

    * Your Name (first/last):
    * Your Physical Address:
    * City, State, & Zip Code:
    * A g e:
    * O c c u p a t i o n:
    * Alternative E-mail:

    We are waiting your good response, Thank you

    Once you are done filling your details send to our Agent

    Name: Mark George
    Agent c/d: RI038DN90920NM

    (Candidate from USA & Europe are allowed to apply for this offer)

    Thayer County
    Head of Recruitment.

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    Be sure to tell them your mothers maiden name and send a copy of your passport
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    This should be in the off topic area
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    p.s sounds legit lolz
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    Yeh. The misspelt email address is intentional, throws your enemies off the scent. RIA 'finincial' lol.
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    wow Inspector Gadget really does exist

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