Korg EMX as a MIDI Controller
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    Default Korg EMX as a MIDI Controller

    Hey guys!
    I'm new to the forum, so I would like to say hello to everyone, and that said, I'll get down to the chase.
    I have a Korg emx (not emx1) and I noticed it had midi channels, and I tried linking it up to ableton; I was able to link the 5 synths and drum part to 6 diferents channels, but I can't use the EMX as the master, I would like to able to press rec/play/stop/pause on the emx and that ableton did the same. I guess basically what I'm trying to say is that I would like to use the ableton on the emx use the vst's I have on there, be able to make various loops on the same synth channel and be able to alternate them and use the nobs on the emx to control effects.
    How can this be done?

    Also I had the idea of linking my microkorg to the emx and use it only as a keyboard (keyboard to the emx) and an mpd26 as an effect launcher.

    Thanks for any help that can be given!


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    I don't think this is the right section for that

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    Default Korg EMX as a MIDI Controller

    Then could you please direct me to the right forum for this?

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    I'd say this one would be your best bet
    Controllers, mods and gear reviews.


    Or possibly the mappings section.
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