Are the Chroma Caps UV reactive (Glow in the dark)
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    Default Are the Chroma Caps UV reactive (Glow in the dark)

    I know back in the day they use to glow in the dark but is that the case with the new ones?

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    The current ones don't but in Ean's what's in your DJ bag vid he had a GITD one and said they were working in them.
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    No they are not UV reactive and they aren't glow in the dark either (2 diffrent things).
    But Ean is developing some glow in the dark ones right now, there is only one disadvantage of glow in the dark. In order for it to light up it must first receve light, so you controller must stand in the sunlight when it's day in order for it to light up at night (it's kinda like "charging")
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