did they update the platter metal on the silver VCI-100?
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    Default did they update the platter metal on the silver VCI-100?

    hey all

    Been reserching what Midi controller to buy and after getting lots of good info from this site especially have decided to go with the VCI-100

    Trying to decide whether to buy a black or silver one though. I can get a silver one fairly cheap just now but i know (also from tis wonderful site) that when they brought out the black one they updated the metal of the platters to make them more touch sensitive and work better.

    My question is when they done this, does anyone know if they also updated the metal on the silver version to match, while still obviously keeping it silver, or is it still made with the original design?

    I'll be willing to pay the extra and get a black one if needed but if the silver has the same platters then i'll take advantage of the discount i can get, and it'll end up black in any case with one of the overlays.


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    the newer silver units have the new more sensitive platters and also the better buttons, same like the black units except the potis.

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    Brilliant just what i wanted to hear


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    They never updated the platters, they have allways been craaaaazy touch sensitive - there are dials on the back of the unit that you can use to adjust the sensitivity. If you turn up high then all you need to do is hover your finger just above the platter and it will register as you touching the platter.

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    mmmmm now i'm confused, acording to Ean they did, as shown in this video discussing the release of the black version of the VCI-100?



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