VCI 400 Mic inputs
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    Default VCI 400 Mic inputs

    I am thinking about getting a 400 for some mobile DJ work that I do. I currently use a Denon 6000 with Traktor. I need to know if the mic inputs. Looks like there are 2? Can the mic signal be routed to the up faders and EQ?

    I need more control over the mics than the volume on the back of the decks.

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    Control will also depend wether you install the firmware update kit 2.0 from vestax or not. Without the update you'll be able to route a mic to an Live input of traktor, use your deck EQ and even route and use fx for the MiC (at the cost of of scarifying one deck for this) After the update the mic level will be blended into whatever traktor plays out on deck c or d.
    If mic input is set to go to decks c/d with the little switch on the back of the unit, then your mic 1 level can be adjusted by the gain, EQ and volume faders of deck c, but if traktor plays a track at the same time on deck C, both signals will be mingled and control can't be separated. Also if you set C to "live in" in traktor you'll get a combination of what traktor picks up from the input mingled with the direct signal that is processed by the mixer due to stand alone mode. Therefore I'm not sure if the stand alone mode is really fully thought through.
    What seems to be missing in the new stand alone mode of the Vci 400 is an ability to eventually switch it completely off, when it is not needed.
    (Correct me anybody if I am wrong)

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