Midi Fighter Classic Review!
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    Default Midi Fighter Classic Review!

    When the SALE sign first came up on the Midi Fighter Classics , I knew I had to get myself one! And after two weeks, my custom, hand crafted midi fighter classic came in! From the moment I purchased it , DJTECHTOOLS had emailed me everything I need to now, and have been very responsible on updating me on it's status! This being my second product from the DJTT store, I've been more than happy with the build quality! I received a certificate of authenticity, with my product number on it, as well as a signature of the person who assembled it!

    Why you should buy a Midi Fighter?

    1 - BUILD QUALITY - The quality of the Japanese arcade buttons is second to none! They feel great and are very responsive! Very lightweight and portable, but can withstand abuse with its protective silicone case!

    2 - SUPPORT - DJ TECH TOOLS has made many videos walking you through the steps of setting up your new MF , as well as provides many mappings to suit your needs!

    3 - ADDICTING - It's really an eye catcher , just from they way it looks, it really stands out over other equiptment! You can have so much fun with the Midi Fighter, from production to DJ'ing , to just messing around!

    My rating - 10/10 !
    You NEED to add a Midi Fighter to your setup!
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    Been strongly concidering writing a post like this myself... been too buisy tapping on my classic though

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    I just got a VCI-400 but already have a Midi Fighter Classic. Have any reasons for me to keep it? I have no idea what to control with it.
    Vestax VCI-400, Midi Fighter, SRH-750DJ's, Traktor Pro 2

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