Kontrol S2 vs. Denon MC3000 vs. AA VMS4.1
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    Default Kontrol S2 vs. Denon MC3000 vs. AA VMS4.1

    Hey guys, new to the forum here and wondering if any of you can help me out
    I'm looking around for a controller upgrade and the 3 that it's pretty much come down to for me is the:
    -Traktor Kontrol S2
    -Denon DJ MC3000
    -American Audio VMS4.1

    But beyond that I'm stuck, I keep leaning towards one.. then back to another.. and so on
    Some things about me.. I currently have a shitty Pyle-Pro controller, it was basically the cheapest thing I could find on the internet lol. I'm looking to step up to a more professional controller for parties, small clubs, and bar gigs. I just recently purchased Traktor Pro 2 so I've got the software, and assume all 3 are equally priced.

    Which controller would you suggest? What are some pros/cons etc?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you looked at the Stanton DJC.4, I have one and its a beast. I think its one of the most over looked controllers out there........

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    I have seen the stanton djc.4 but didn't give it much of a chance, i don't remember why exactly..
    possibly because it is stated for virtual dj?

    How would it work with traktor?

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    It works pretty well actually, 2 track decks, 2 remix decks, nice use of the loop recorder and now we have post fader fx's internally.... Stanton should have a new mapping in a week or 2 so I'll be able to make more use with flux mode. It's a Well built controller, faders nice, not to cramped, lots of knobs and buttons. The thing that sold me was the fact that it had it's own section for loops, cue points and sampler. Look at most controller s even the high end ones, you almost always have to use a shift button between your hot cue buttons and sampler. So for example, I can now launch hot cues on deck 1 and start up a couple of remix decks at once with having to do some crazy macro mapping. Basically I have two times more buttons. I hardly find myself using the shift button anymore.

    And VDJ isn't a bad program, hell I can run all 4 decks and 8 samplers with the DJC4 when using VDJ. Plus the scripting is stupid powerful. And with VDJ I can plug my turntables straight into the DJC4 and run timecodes, whereas with Traktor I have to hook up my Audio 8.

    They both have their pros & cons but the Stanton unit is pretty solid in my opinion.....

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    appreciate the input, even though it gave me one more controller to consider instead of narrowing down my search lol, but I would've overlooked it if it wasn't for you.

    I'm just doing a lot of research and thought this time so I don't drop 400 or so dollars on a controller thats not right for me, first one was only about 100 so it wasn't a bank breaker

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    best build quality the denon

    best integration with Traktor (i.e. jog wheels that respond 1 to 1 with Traktor) the s2

    I don't rate the AA, but i've never used one...

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    the tight integration with traktor is why I'm kind've leaning towards the s2 right now
    I feel like with all the support / mappings out there, there's a lot I could do with it

    Probably more possibilities with the denon due to number of buttons but I'd have to do some mappings by myself and I feel like I could screw that up pretty easily lol

    More opinions still welcome, everything helps my decision

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    I loved the s2, hated that it lacked filter knobs though. But in beau brutes s2 mapping shift and gain are mapped to the same knob, with shift. Based on my use with it, if you use traktor, the s2 is layed out to fit perfectly with the software. Feel free to pm me with questions if you have any
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    VMS 4.1 has standalone mixer to, very handy for the future to add on stuff like cdj's/turntables.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zimfella View Post
    VMS 4.1 has standalone mixer to, very handy for the future to add on stuff like cdj's/turntables.
    that is nice but I don't see myself adding any additional sources like cdj's or turntables anytime soon so thats not a major factor for me

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