hey folks,

I just took home my third consecutive german IDA showcase championship I'm both humbled and proud, since the competition delivered awesome sets as well.

since I couldn't sleep the night after I got back (my biorhythm is way off because I didn't really get to sleep much the week before as I'm always late with preparations), I recorded the soundtrack to my routine which includes a theremin solo at the end!

no fancy vinyl movements in there (I have to refine those for the world finals anyway), just some super basic button pushing - the full performance will go live after the world finals and it will be slightly different. consider this a proof of concept, there's some serious shit going on under the hood (ableton and traktor).

the part right after the intro is a bit boring without the scratches, so skip ahead to about 3 minutes in to get your face smashed in - and make sure to push the HD button