does the Traktor S4 Tutorial DVD apply to the Traktor S2 as well?
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    Question does the Traktor S4 Tutorial DVD apply to the Traktor S2 as well?

    simple question...I tried tweeting at DJTechTools, but no answer.

    If not, when will a DVD Tutorial come out for the Traktor S2?


    ps. have you considered making a DJTechTools guide on learning how to DJ for beginners book/DVD?

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    Some of the chapters specific to the S4 would not benefit S2 owners. Like using sample and loop decks.
    The rest of it would probably be useful. I found the DVD really helpful. When it comes to learning your own equipment I really suggest doing as much research as possible. Owning an S2 doesn't mean that you need S2 specific tutorials to learn concepts and techniques that help your DJing.

    There are some really fantastic resources out there meant to help people learn this type of stuff. This forum in particular is filled with great information and people that have probably asked the same questions before. Try searching through some of the forum or you could check out some other sites with great tutorials.

    I understand why it is easier to see people demonstrating on the same equipment that you have, but you can get more from learning the concepts and applying them yourself. Things like beat matching, EQ mixing, phrase matching, and all manner of DJ fundamentals have been discussed at great length right in this very forum! That was long winded, let me summarize better.

    Try browsing through some of the tutorials or fundamental DJing skills hosted on DJTT or discussed here in the forums. There is great information all over the place. If you are waiting on a response on twitter you could easily find some articles that you could learn from before you get a response. Furthermore, if you want to learn how to do some of these things - learning to search for and locate the right information is an important thing to know.
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