When Keepin' It Real Goes..... Real.
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    Default When Keepin' It Real Goes..... Real.

    I need to rant about something.
    The whole DJ-with-both-hands-in-the-air may become more common as aspects of DJ culture devolve into popularity contests, but that does not mean the rest of us regular, constructive folk need to be disheartened. The fast-paced competitive culture of the DJ industry today may not always seem very friendly. However, movements grounded in creativity and support will always be the most successful.

    Dont compromise your character to suit any person or situation around you. As a DJ, you will encounter situations and circumstances that you are downright uncomfortable in. You have to keep your shit together and keep the party going in the face of some crazy happenings. Just like a successful business needs a good plan - your success needs to be based off of good people; the genuine, stubborn, and sometimes strange people that work together to create a vibe. These people are important because they keep you honest. A profound dedication to accountability will always leave people with good impressions about you and that is contagious.

    Staying true to yourself is not easy, but thats why you need that group of friends. They will support you when you decide who you dont want to associate with. They are one of the driving forces that will build your success. Its not hard to tell when a DJ has a great group of people supporting him. There is no mistaking it - that intangible sensation that gives you goosebumps when your listening to music. It is the sound of somebody doing something they love.

    If you are stressed, resentful, or unhappy, then it shows in your music. Anything negative that stands in your way must be overcome without a second thought. Dont make any compromises to your vision. There should be absolutely nothing to stop you from investing time in yourself. You owe it to that good group of people that supports you. Dont fall into the trap of getting into situations where you have to fix things and work at them. Any time spent wishing things were different is an absolute waste. That is your time. Your time to improve yourself and your message.

    Your a f*cking DJ. Your a trend setter, a story teller, it doesnt matter what you are because your in charge. You make people dance and have fun. The atmosphere you create is infectious, creative, and its YOURS. Your passion is what defines you and it deserves to be cultivated. A good DJ is poised - ready to deal with any situation while keeping a level head. Things wont always go well. A good DJ takes responsibility and learns from his mistakes, taking comfort in the knowledge his friends will support him through the rough spots. Stay true to yourself and success will find you.

    TLDR; The person that you are is what makes your DJing unique. Your passion for your craft is what makes you, and the story you tell behind the decks, truly come alive. Ruthlessly weed out and eliminate any aspect of your life that stops you from investing time in yourself. Dont fix things - find your ideal situation. Be strong, stubborn, and downright picky in building your vision. Be resolute in your values, your support for creativity, and treat the people who believe in you with unwavering accountability.

    If the attention ever becomes more important than the music, then dont perform. Your listeners deserve better.
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    I like this, very motivational. Sharing good music, creating some nice vibes, and building the atmosphere are what it's all about. I LOVE sharing music that I enjoy with people in hopes that they'll enjoy it as much as I do. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, but the times that they do far outweigh any time someone says to me "that track is lame."
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