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    Does anybody knows any software or app (would be better) able to recognize the track key without scanning the mp3 file, I mean, just receiving the audio input on the microphone (leptop/Iphone/Android)?
    The intention is to know the key beeing played by other dj before I start up my djset (back-to-back).

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    I wouldn't worry yourself with that. Just start your set with a track that has a nice Drum only intro.

    You'll want to drop the energy a little anyway when you're coming on after another DJ. Let the crowd know that there's a new DJ comin' on...
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    I'd agree with Patch. Seems a bit over thought.. but if you gotta know, I would think you could always look up the song real quick on your phone, and find out what key it's in.

    Also, there are guitar tuner apps for the phones that can tell you what notes are being played in the audio it hears, but you'll still have to figure out what key the song is in.

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