How to manually change the Xone K2 Asio settings using the Registry - Win7
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    Default How to manually change the Xone K2 Asio settings using the Registry - Win7

    A number of people (myself included) have had issues with the Allen and Heath Xone K2 when using it with Traktor on Win7 64 bit. What people seem to be experiencing is a partial lock up of Traktor (e.g. inability to play a deck) when using the Xone as the audio interface. For me it happens when trying to change the ASIO parameters from NORMAL to HIGH SPEED. If left at the [completely unusable 28ms normal setting] Traktor will play decks. It's when I try and change the settings in the audio setup that things become rapidly defenestrated.

    I tried finding answers everywhere and got not nothing. I ended up bypassing A&H and going directly to Ploytech who OEM the drivers to A&H. These guys were very helpful indeed.

    Anyway, for those of your comfortable playing with the registry all you need to do is find the following key:



    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\servic es\XONE_K2_USB\Parameters]

    All you need to do is change the last digit to a value between 1 (relaxed - i.e. the slowest) and 6 (high speed - i.e. the highest) These are all represented in the drop-down on the standard K2 ASIO panel.

    Notes. Disclaimers and Caveats

    1. This is not supported by anyone, That means not A&H, Ploytech, DJTT or Great Aunt Doris. If you do this and somehow manage to screw your system up - suck it up, fix it or re-install Windows.
    2. If you don't know what all of the above means, walk away now, you'll break something
    3. Back up your registry
    4. I am sharing this as a courtesy - I will try and answer some questions but only stuff that isn't documented elsewhere. No soy Senor Supporto.
    5. If it doesn't work for you - sorry
    6. If it does - WAHEY!

    Cheers me dears....
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    Default in broken windows? :P

    Good tip though I've never had this issue

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