Feels good to buy buying dance music, do the producers see the money?
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    Default Feels good to buy buying dance music, do the producers see the money?

    So since I got my S2, I have been buying dance music like a drunk buys booze. I was wondering if anybody knew if artists are getting their fair share back from their labels and music download sites? I hope so as I have just spend $150 in the past week and hope a good portion of it gets back to the artists themselves.
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    Sadly the answer is probably no. It can however help the artist get into the download site charts depending on sales etc. This may be the only way some artists can get any recognition so buying tracks is definitely better for the artists than downloading illegally.
    I have a mate with about 30 digital releases over the last 4 years and all he got so far was about €40. The only reason he bothers with labels and digital releases is because the labels do a good job sending out promos which means other dj's now recognise who he is. So even though he is not getting paid directly it has helped him get more gigs
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    not directly connected to buying music but this is a post on facebook by a producer i know.

    I earn $0.009 for every stream on spotify. Well, that gets split between me and my label I guess. So... About 10.000 plays per year to break even for the fee that's charged to have music on spotify. Spotify: good for you, not the best for artists
    can't imagine that it's expotentially better for download stores.

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