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    Default What are the chances of landing an internship/entry level job at BBC1?

    Sorry for the really random question but I'm playing around with this idea a bit. I'm an American who went to Ohio Center of Broadcast and has interned and worked in the radio industry. Any ideas of how I should go about trying to find a job or internship with BBC1? I've thought about calling and just straight up asking but this may be really silly for someone in the US to just cold call one of the biggest radio stations from across the pond.

    Thanks for any tips and advice.

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    I would say that the best place to start would be their Carrers Home Page :

    In addition you will also require a VISA to work in the UK :

    Most Employers would sort out a VISA for you if you are going into Full Time Employment, however for an Internship I am not sure.

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