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    Default MR LE ME his SetUp

    Hi i'm new here and i'm curious what you thing of my setup:

    Lates version of traktor on my 13" MBP
    NI Audio 8 DJ
    Pioneer DJM 400
    2 Denon DN SC2000's
    Traktor Control F1
    D-link DUB-7H
    BBE maxcom
    'Little' pa set as monitors, 15'' 2x 8''


    like to hear some feedback!

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    Maybe you should add more filters to the photo but with that aside looks nice and tidy. Why do you have the a8 as opposed to something smaller/cheaper? like an audio 2 or 4?

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    what do you have the sc2000's sitting/embedded in?

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    How do you find the SC2000's? Ive wondered what they are like to use for a while. Is there any reason why you went for a modular set up with them, rather than an all in one controller?

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    hi tnx for the replies!

    Sorry for the instagram haha, first i had an fast track pro by m-audio, but with the f1 i needed an extra output, i need a minimum of 6 out and 2 in, (and for the future i would like to have some extra) So i was looking for a new interface (new or 2ndhand) this weekend i found this traktor scratch pro bundle for only 200 euros!!!, and it works perfectly!

    For my sc2000's i've made an custom wooden case so it became on mixers hight and became a bit bigger, i will send some pictures.
    the biggest reason i have chosen for modular is because it is cheaper, when you will buy a bigger controller like the s4 it costs more at the moment, and when you go modular you can slowly build your set without spending big money at one moment. (i'm verry bad in saving money) when you go modular you can also totally customize your setup, thats not possible by all-in-one. of course it is less portable, but for now i can take everything with me walking and even on the bike!.

    the sc2000s are great! i have them for an year i think and i love them. they are cheap, small, heavy duty and complete. i compare them to small cd players with regard to controls (like cdj 350/400 dn-s1200) but half or even less of the price, and the controls are totally customizable.

    hope i awnserd your questions!

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