Hey Guys,
I just recently put up a bunch of tracks I am working on on Soundcloud and am looking for some feedback on them. I use Maschine and Ableton Live, along with the MiniMoog and Native Instruments Komplete plugins. Mostly hip hop and glitch hop music, and kind of stuck as to what they need to be more complete or what they could use as far as the production is concerned. Still new to mastering tracks, and I think that is where I am getting stuck with them. Looking for feedback as to which plugins are easy to use for mastering and will give me a good grasp after some trial and error for the best way to make them all sound as full as possible. Also some feedback on the tracks as well. They are all available for free download. Any comments on the soundcloud page and I will respond and check out your music as well. Www.soundcloud.com/c-Lucc

Also check out the mix on there and tell me what you think, has a lot of Brainfeeder type tracks mixed with my own.