New controller advice.
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    Default New controller advice.

    Whats a good controller for mainly effects. i already use a twitch with a MF classic with traktor and I'm looking for a decent, small controller to use with these two for effects?
    The x1 any good?

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    Don't get the x1, get the xone k2, best thing ever for efx

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    the x1 is a nice little controller. the k2 seems good as well but costs more mostly due to the soundcard. i haven't used the k2 but i went for the x1 due to the layout, lack of soundcard, and they seem to be pretty easy to find second hand for cheap. it's all about personal preference though. seems like a lot of big name djs use the x1 (dubfire and richie hawtin are the prime examples) if you're one to care about that sort of thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by squidot View Post
    the x1 is a nice little controller. the k2 seems good as well but costs more mostly due to the soundcard.
    Don't forget to take into account that the K2 comes with the case included as standard, which doubles to bring it up to Mixer height.

    You'd have to buy it separately for the X1
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    Being as you already have a twitch and mf, get the x1, I've got one and its great, plus its about twitch height too.
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