Traktor Scratch 2 upgrade from Traktor Pro 2 question.
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    Default Traktor Scratch 2 upgrade from Traktor Pro 2 question.

    I bought an S2 earlier this year and have the Traktor 2 software it came with. I'm trying to get Traktor Scratch Pro 2 and I've heard - rather read- that this should be free for me. This link has the details:

    Unfortunately, I don't see the option to do this anywhere in the NI Service Center. I emailed NI over a week ago and have yet to receive a response (which is why I'm posting my dilemma here). Anyone have any knowledge of this? I was going to buy the Traktor A6 bundle, but if I can get the TSP2 for free, that would be pimp. Thanks.

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    firstly, it doesn't say that it's a free upgrade, it says once you've bought the upgrade you don't need to reinstall tsp because it's essentially the same software, it just unlocks scratch functions.

    secondly, the s2 doesn't support the usage of timecode so you will either need the s4 or another traktor scratch certified mixer or soundcard...then you have to buy the upgrade to traktor scratch pro if it doesn't come with the product you buy.
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    I dont think it was ever free for S2 owners. At one point it was free for S4 owners. You're cheapest option might be to get a second hand Audio 4 or Audio 8 (which I think is the best Traktor scratch interface) and get the upgrade kit for about 119. The upgrade kit now carries a full scratch Pro license unlike before. Of course you can always get a scratch pro license second hand or buy the A6 package

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