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    I have a couple of issues with my setup.
    First, when i hit play/pause on deck b is pauses/plays deck a, incredibly annoying, i suspect that was something i did when bluffing my way through setup assuming i knew what i was doing.
    Secondly, minor issue, but the mapping has the effects not where you would want them, i.e the timeless encoder should be swapped with fx knob 1, or all shifted across if that makes sense. Is that an easy fix, or am i going to create myself even more problems.

    Any help, info, links to tutorials etc would be massively appreciated.
    Cheers, Will

    If it should make any difference, i have a HP Pavillion dv6 and im on the lastest version of traktor pro

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    Sounds like a mapping issue.

    Check out the Traktor Bible. That book has saved my life more times than MacGyver

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    Import the mapping again to get the decks mapped properly and then import it a second time. Always import the mapping twice so the effects setup correctly.

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