Help with Waves One Knob Plugin PLEASE!
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    Default Help with Waves One Knob Plugin PLEASE!


    I need help understanding how to set up and use Waves' One Knob plug-in. I received an offer for a free version.

    I mix with a Traktor S2 and usually record my mixes live with Traktor Pro. I want to use One Knob to make a few of my bootlegs louder before I throw them in the mix.


    I downloaded Waves License Center (v9), selected the license for 'One Knob Louder' and associated it with my computer, but now do not know how to actually install it on my computer or use it in practice.

    Can anyone help? I feel like I'm missing a step.


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    It's a plugin, you need a DAW or audio editing software that can run the plugin, ie protools, logic.
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    You need ableton or something to run it in. Its whats called a VST. They are essentially a piggyback to a program. It runs inside of it. Run the start file or. Exe and itll place a .dll file thag you use to located in a daw. So youd have to record in traktor. Then import into daw and run plugin.

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