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    How do you guys get em, I don't mean recording your own but taking them elsewhere. I hear alot of people say you can just rip them off another song but doesn't this involve copyright, and how would you get a clean sample of that vocal? I'm just a bit in over my head here and would like to know some places to look and some guidelines. Thanks

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    You could actually purchase today a cappellas from various sources, Beatport, Stompy and so on.

    Any time someone speaks or sings (or plays something) it it considered a copyrighted piece of art. Some labels aggressively go after people misusing this by using such material in their own productions, especially if this derivate track generates revenue.

    You could do as Orb and hide tons of ripped samples inside the tracks so heavily infused with effects so hardly anyone knows the original source. Still, legally this is infringing.

    PS: Get in touch with aspiring singers and ask them to help out with tracks, they are most likely willing to do all kinds of cool recordings. Avoids this whole thing of copyright issues.
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