Traktor effects, how to use them
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    Default Traktor effects, how to use them

    Hi everyone,I'm new to traktor and still don't know how to use its effects wisely;
    mostly use delay and gater for builds up but I would like to know how professional DJ use them on their sets in front of people and live
    Thanks a lot

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    There 's also the possibility of not using effects, sometimes they will only make it worse. (I only use effects like once every thirty minutes or so, I prefer to leave the music untouched and the way the producer intended it.)

    But I myself like reverb and delay, and filter if you conscider that an effect.
    I like to use reverb to fatten up drums if I want to emphasize them and delay for a fading out effect mostly or a little repeat.
    Filter for just bringing in or taking away tracks in the mix.

    But this also depends on what kind of music you spin. I like dubstep and drum & bass. So I'm sure other will do really different things and will have other preferences.

    Pro-tip: stay away from flanger, seriously

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    Yeah... Definitely. Speaking from experience, Traktor's effects are a trap. Things like the gater, transpose, beatmasher, beatslicer, bouncer etc... They are fun to play with, But 99.9% of the time, it will sound better if you just leave them alone. Almost every new DJ has an image in their head of being "A cross between a performance routine DJ, and a mixing DJ". We all eventually learned that was a bad idea. No matter how good you get at using the effects, they almost never add anything, and if they did, nobody would notice or care. You can get great at performance routines, and great at mixing, but don't ever put them together. I've never heard of anyone who has been successful.

    Even the best Performance routine DJs in the world almost never use performance techniques while they're mixing. Watch A-Trak or Craze play a set sometime.

    My advice would be to get really good at using reverb and filters. Maybe a delay here and there. Never have the idea in your mind that people are thinking you're doing something cool to change the music with effects. If you're using effects, they should be because you have read the crowd, and thought ahead to what's coming up in the track(s) an know that if you add a little something, the crowd will react better.

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    nooooooo use LOTS of FX. The more the better. Paris used the flanger perfectly in India, use as many fx as you want to.

    But use them wisely. Traktor's fx can be tricky to use right, so if you aren't 100% sure its a good time to use it, dont.
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    Use effects like spices. When they are used little and properly, it will give a special touch. If you overuse them, it will ruin your whole recipe.
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    I agree with the pervious statements. Sometime effects can really take away from your mix. But I do like to user Reverb and Delay quite a bit. They have to be used with subtlety though.

    The only other effects I user are with the DJTT mapping for the S2/S4 to use the jog wheels for build up effects. They were really well made and sound perfect almost every time.

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