im not looking for someone to create this for me, but some words of wisdom and experiance would really go a long way.

so yea i been trying a few of the mappings available in the MAPS area specifically for the MF3d

wanted to know if i was just missing one.
Either im going to map it myself or i have been trying to find a mapping already uploaded for

Traktor 2.6
Midifighter 3D
(I have an F1 connected here but i dont want it to do ANYTHING with effects and i dont want MF3D to do anything with samples)

So what im trying to do is have my MF3d trigger ONLY effects in Traktor on all 4 decks.

I would like to have the top 4, bank buttons select the deck, where the effect would be applied to.
So if you have any of the banks selected, the efect would work on that audio no matter if the deck was a TRACK deck or a REMIX deck

Also much like the DeckGratMotion, effects are already triggered in combos, and TILT is enabled to add more effect possibilities.

The problem i have having is that currently i am using Ean Golden's MF 3D Mapping
But the buttons dont light up as this has been disabled.
Also i cant select on the fly which deck the effects would apply to.

and most importantly for me, these two things.....

A) I would like the arcade buttons to flash relative to a BEAT playing through traktors MAIN output

B)honestly i would like to add that flashing LED options to my Kontrol F1 as well

ill be looking into it but if anyone can give me some guidance on this
it would be superd