DDJ wego mapping effect traktor
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    Unhappy DDJ wego mapping effect traktor

    I'm french and i have a bad english and i apologize for some fault which he can have there
    I have just bought a controller pioneer ddj wego and I do not arrive created my mapping for traktor completely, I would like to activate an effect with a button and to check(control) the strength of the effect when it is to activate with the jog.
    Thank you in advance for your answer .

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    Button: Add in > FX unit > Button / type-button / interaction-hold
    Jog: Add in > FX unit > Knob / type-encoder / interaction-relative / rotary sensitivity-set for the best value

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    It does not work, I wants to say to check(control) the effect it is to change the dry / wet thanks to the jog, I made as kept silent about my say but the dry / wet changes when the effect is not to activate but not when it is to activate!
    Sadden to put badly expressing.

    And I have four the other problem:
    1 - Between the fader of volume there is leds but I do not arrive has to find took(brought) out her(it) who(which) checks(controls) them!

    2- I have two button to choose which deck I wants to have in earphones but I do not find which function(office) their assigned.

    3- I would also like to make flashed button play / pause both deck when the music is in break and when it remains lit(switched on) during the reading.

    4- I do not manage to navigate in the browser thanks the rotating button.

    Thanks for your answers .
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