New maschine update
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    Default New maschine update

    Hello peoples
    Today i got an email about a new maschine update that sounds promising but i fear the worse because i have a gig tomorrow and cant have any issues with this. Has anyone installed it yet and can vouch its legit?


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    No details about the update? I didn't get an email. If you're talking about the time stretch update (not sure what version it is lol) then it's been out for some time now. In your case, if its working fine why not just update after the gig if you're unsure? Especially if you aren't going to use whatever new features they put out.

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    Nope, I got the email as well. Haven't updated though, so sorry that i'm of no help.

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    i got the email too and havent updated yet.

    if you have a gig don't install the update. give yourself at least a week to be able to fully test it out and run it through it's paces.
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