The new myspace....
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    Default The new myspace....

    Pretty much sucks so far.

    Anyone else try it out yet?

    I was able to crash it 3 times while trying to upload music.
    There are no ways to link it to any other site (soundcloud, mixcloud, fb etc)
    No event invites

    I thought it was supposed to be "musician friendly" Instead all I get is a feed with Kanye West, and Rhianna music.

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    Yeah so far it seems quite limited and the "Discover" features don't exactly feel tailored to the user, I've connected to several DJs and producers who're part of the UK bass/future garage/dubstep scene but all I get for recommendations is mainstream EDM/Top40 stuff. This might be because it's young though and they're still ironing out some stuff.

    It seems more like a social network for creative types more than anything else.

    If anyone wants an invite I've got a few I can give out, PM me your email address.

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    I could not edit the existing albums/music uploaded. So yes this is in the early days, indeed...
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    my"what"? that still exists?
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