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    Hello and thanks for taking some time to read this. Well a buddie of mine and I are looking to get into DJing and we are making a 2 man crew and our genres are going to mainly be dubstep/metal/pop/rock. We also need some sugestions on gear, any gear will do its just we need it cheep because we are running on a low budget, we have speakers that we are currently using are mixed and matched put into home made boxes. I apreciate any sugestions and I will take into consideration everything said.

    Thanks, 72undead (aka JC)
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    There is plenty of affordable gear around, it's really a matter of what your mixing style/preferences are. Have you tried downloading trials of VDJ, Traktor or Serato and playing around with them already? Pick your software, the gear is somewhat dependent on your software choice. You can find cross-mapping for controllers, but what's important is which software you find the most appealing to you. Check it out without any hardware, just using your keyboard/mouse should be sufficient for getting a feel for it, it'll help you understand better if that's what you want to do to begin with. When it comes to controllers, there is a huge variety for all kind of setups, what you're asking is a very broad question, you kind of need to define what your needs are. Do you want all-in-one, modular setup, no laptop setup, vinyl, timecode, that's all different things. Have you checked out other DJs in and around your genre of choice? Pay attention to the way they play and what they spin on and make notes. While you might not need CDJ2000's right away, you can learn which controls are important for mixing in your genre.

    As far as the name goes, that's up to you, man/guys. These kind of questions never go well, your name should define you, we can't make it up for you. It's also might be a good idea to get some practice (actually a LOT of practice) before you even decide on the name. It should reflect what you are about, what you're trying to say with music you play; there is no way anyone can decide that for you.

    Get rocking, man and the rest will come, you should concentrate on playing and listening a lot, what you will do it on and what's it going to be called will most likely come to you as an epiphany naturally.

    Cheers, man.
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