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    Default ***** Official Win 8 - Traktor thread *****

    I did a cursory search and didn't find another thread about this....

    I have Win8 64 bit running on a Samsung RF510-S02 (i7 | 8GB RAM) and noticed a few things right off the bat.

    1. Exiting Traktor does NOT kill the process. You have to go into Task Manager and kill the process manually.
    2. In Task Manager Traktor shows as 32 a bit process.
    3. Kontrol F1 seems to randomly drop out during use. Drop out as in its like someone has disconnected the device from the laptop. Note: I have not tested this in Win and have only used the F1 on Win8 so it might not be a Win8 issue.

    Please add whatever else you find in this thread. Any Mac/PC bullshit will be dealt with swiftly - you have been warned
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    I can verify that I've experienced both 1 and 2, however I've not had any troubles with my F1.
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    yeah no troubles here on win7 64 with F1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoeHawk View Post
    yeah no troubles here on win7 64 with F1.
    It is a good thing this is a Windows 8 thread.

    I experience 1 and 2 as well on WINDOWS 8.


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