Traktor Pro X1 Controller Mappings: Load and Sync
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    Default Traktor Pro X1 Controller Mappings: Load and Sync

    Hi, I am trying to map the following functions on my X1.

    I would like to load a track, and simultaneously set the deck to Sync when the track is loaded.

    In my Traktor Preferences, I have mapped the Sync On and Load functions to the same button (Norm.Left.LOAD)

    However, this configuration only works for every other song. Eg. The first song I load syncs and loads at the same time. When I load a second track on the same deck, this track does not sync automatically. When I load a third track on the same deck, it is synced. Therefore, my mapping only works for every other song; I need my mapping to be effective for every track.

    Could anyone please help me to quickly solve this problem?

    Here is another question: When I selected Sync On, in the Preferences I/O section there is Sync On In, and a Sync On Out.

    Could anyone please tell me the differences between these two functions?

    I have only mapped the Sync On In to my Left Load button on the X1, not the Sync Out (which I am not able to map to my load button)

    Thanks in advance...your help is sincerely appreciated!

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    Answered in mapping forum.

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