VCI-300 and Itch Question
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    Default VCI-300 and Itch Question

    Hey guys

    I'm about to make a purchase for a controller and I found a great deal on a used VCI-300 that I think is swaying me that way. I've done my research and it seems that I'll be able to use this controller for Traktor (thank you DJTT). Though, I liked the idea of also being able to get a version of Serato as well and trying that out. And here comes my question - I only use mp3s, will Itch require me to do something other than drag and drop to play? I know that SSL requires that you have time-coded vinyl or cd's but this would pretty much wipe out a lot of the -300's appeal for me since I only use mp3s.

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    mp3s are fine.

    also, SSL actually doesn't require that you have time coded vinyl or cds... just a compatible piece of hardware, i.e. ssl-1, ssl-3, ttm-57, etc.

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