I saw a while ago that Mixvibes Cross DJ was now at 2.0 and I considered taking a look at it. I mainly use Traktor X1 and F1 with a DN-X1700. No DVS (am considering playing with xwax on Linux for that)...but was just curious what others thought of it as a DJ software package.

I am most interested in its compatibility with Rekordbox. I actually really like Traktor, but I have to prep songs twice: one in Traktor to set up beatgrids, hotcues, load points etc., and then again for CDJs...actually since I don't own Pioneer CDJs (I own a pair of cheap Geminis)...my CDJ prep is non-existant...I would like the flexibility of playing with controllers in software AND with CDJs and having only to prep once and share the data between both mediums.

Anyway...just wanted to see if there were any users out there and what your thoughts on the software was.