Quick Mapping Question (Oxygen8) PLEASE READ
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    Default Quick Mapping Question (Oxygen8) PLEASE READ

    Please could someone explain to me or point me in the direction of a thread where I can find out how to create my own mapping for my Oxygen8 v2?

    My S2 is broken and I would prefer using my Oxygen8 than my MacBook keyboard.


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    what broke on your s2? let me guess the usb or power port?

    anyway you can use http://www.traktorbible.com/articles...nd-finder.aspx
    and mouse over the sections of the traktor screen in that link and it will tell you the "in" command that corresponds to it.

    1. create a generic midi mapping in the control editor window

    2. press add in

    3. select from deck common the "play/pause" option

    4. press the learn button until it lights up yellow

    5. press the button or key on your controller you want to map play to.

    6. uncheck the learn button

    7. change the thing that says hold to toggle.

    you have just mapped a play button to your controller! with a little trial and error and experimenting with the options and some common sense you can use the link above to determine what youre trying to map and then map it.

    please feel free to PM me if you want more help and id be glad to give whatever advice i can, mapping was very confusing to me at first and i remember wishing there was an easy way to learn it. in truth it is actually very easy once you get your head around it, albeit time consuming.

    good luck and have fun with your mapping!
    Traktor/Ableton /Komplete /MBP OSX el capitan


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    Also check out the Oxygen 8 Mapping thread: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=8053

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