Which Macbook Pro for Traktor Pro 2 + Maschine
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    Default Which Macbook Pro for Traktor Pro 2 + Maschine

    Looking to buy a Macbook Pro. I currently have a 2.4 C2D MBP with 2gb ram which runs traktor really well using 4 decks and fx usage. Want to add Maschine in sync with Traktor on a single MBP.
    My current MBP heats up quite a bit and is showing age.
    Which one of the current MBP's would u consider powerful enough for these 2 programs running together. Whats the least i could comfortably get away with if this was gonna be my main gigging machine, not for heavy studio use.


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    well i got a c2d 2.53 with 4gb of ram MBP and it will do just fine (low latency) with all fx remix decks and track decks going havent added maschine but u could prolly get away with just upping the ram to 8gb maybe? thats what i think ill do to make it run as smooth as possible but it doesnt really need to run smoother cus it does run smooth i just need to figure out if its paging a ton of memory or not that will determine whether or not i need ram, if u had to pick a new model get whatever size display u want but get a i5 and 8gb of ram that would hold you for some time

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