Suggestions for Outdoor DJ Booth for windy conditions.
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    Default Suggestions for Outdoor DJ Booth for windy conditions.

    Towards the end of last summer me and a friend secured a nice hotel pool just in time to throw 2 events at before the season ended. The first party went over well, but had to shutdown/cancel the second one due to windy conditions. The venue is on a beach town area, so windy conditions are fairly common and we are looking for ways to avoid this happening again this summer. We were using a party pop-up shade tent to cover the dj booth and protect gear incase of sudden rain as well as shade for the DJ's. Worked great until some strong winds started blowing the tent just becomes a giant kite. The area is all concert, so no place to stake it down, and even with 4 people holding each pole, the structure of the tent was too flimsy and ready to fold/bend. Commercial tents are not within our budget, and building a permeant structure is a no go as well.

    Looking for any information, pics of booths, from anyone who has experience dealing with similar situations successfully


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    Find an indoor venue?

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    The popup tent is the solution I have gone with. I have used these on lake shores with quite a bit of wind.

    A 5 gallon bucket, filled with concrete and allowed to set makes a pretty impressive weight for each corner. You can get 80-100 pounds of weight into each bucket. Drill holes in the legs of the tent, and add an eye bolt to tie the leg to the bucket. If needed, you can drill holes on opposite sides of the bucket, and thread a bit of PVC through them before pouring the concrete. This makes for a handy way to thread some rope through to tie the tent leg to the bucket.

    If that is not can "vent" the roof of the tent. Cut some slits into the roof....make about a 4-6ft square in the center. Leave the diagonals intact for 12" or so. Reinforce all the cuts with duct tape. This is a bit like a "golf umbrella". This offers less protection from the rain, but allows the wind to pass through the slits. But still keeps the sun off the equipment.
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    Stretch Tent.....

    We use them at our Outdoor Festivals.
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    what town are you in? My friend in Miami rents out super heavy duty tents and canopies at a daily rate. Way cheaper than buying one.

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