Sometimes I have not enough place for my big Pioneer DDJ-SX or I donīt need it extremely professional so I was looking for a small but professional setup. Faderfox DS3 and FT3 units are beast !
They are very small but can do really everything. The workmanship is top notch. All faders run quite soft. The buttons are rubberized and non-slip. I can control four Track decks and four Sample Decks. 4 FX and loop control are easy to operate. You always get a clear message from the status LED `s
You should have a look to the website of Faderfox. They offer special prices for Demo units. Iīve got mine for 99.-Euros and they look and feel quite as new units. There are finished mappings for Traktor and Ableton to go with it. The DS3 is also very good contoller used as an additive for Serato DJ.

Faderfox 6.jpgFaderfox 5.jpg