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    these prices some people are getting quoted is ridiculous, thanks to fifi's pics and advice i went out and bought a roundfile, can't recommend doing it this way enough. took me an hour to do all 8 holes. and you get the hang of it real quick. i could probably do it now in well under an hour. don't bother with machine shops... just spend $10 on a roundfile!

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    i agree fifi's way is alot cheaper and works just as well. The metal is a soft aluminum so the file cut through it with ease.

    You get the satisfaction of doing it yourself and you save a pretty penny!

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    Has anyone tried using a hand nibler?

    One could just nibble out a hole, then finish it off with a file.
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    djmod, go and get a round file and give it a go - if you don't like it you can try the nibbler or go to a machine shop. Look for a file made for metal work. I bought a Bahco Ergo 10 mm round file. Pin-Up shot of the file and the finished result attached! Be careful and take it slow and you should be ok.

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