Creating Sound Packs and Drum loops in FL for Live Traktor Performances?
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    Default Creating Sound Packs and Drum loops in FL for Live Traktor Performances?

    Hey you guys, I am running FL studio 10, stock plug ins and massive. I am going to be launching the clips from the remix decks with a midifighter 3d and some custom mappings to my X1 for Volume and clip quantize control.

    Does anyone know of any articles that could give me some more insight into this? I have a basic understanding of musical theory, and more than enough resources, internet and book, on hand but any tutorials or further direction will be very helpful.

    looking to be working on custom Electro, Dub, House, Trap, etc. but any tutorials if fine, always trying to expand my abilities.

    Lastly, any experience and stories, struggles or success, in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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    are you asking for tutorials on controlling FL with your NI and DJTT controllers?

    Im sorry if i dont quite get it but it seems you want all them working together when the only one that wont, is FL.

    However, if you just want to launch the samples you got in FL folders, but launch them with your NI and DJTT controllers
    thats easy.
    Youll need to use the BROWSER area in Traktor Pro2
    look inside your computer through the folder tree until you find all the samples inside FL

    Snag all the samples you want to use and ( RIGHT CLICK ... APPEND TO PREPARATION LIST )

    Once you get them all in the Prep List, goto your Preparation list
    Then drag and drop all the samples wher you want them in the remix deck slots.

    Its best to do this via the preparation list so you can turn the samples into LOOPS or ONE SHOTS before you assign them to a remix slot

    As for a tutorial on it.
    go to the MAPPINGS area here on DJTT and see if you can find a REMIX DECK mapping for the MF3D

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    Sorry I'm asking how you guys would construct samples etc what you would use specifically or have enjoyed in the past if anyone has been creating in.fl and playing in Traktor I guess that's more of an fl forum post though, I understand mapping fluently. I'll probably post elsewhere duh thank you

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