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    Default What Soundcard do I need?

    I have recently bought some MIDI NDX800's and a behringer djx750 mixer. I want to link them up to traktor, if i buy an Audio 2 sound card will it work? Or do I need an audio 6? Don't want to spend 100 more if i don't need to

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    An audio 2 will give you 2 stereo OUTPUT channels (so 2 decks) - and you'll be able to do all of your cueing using the mixer.

    Audio 6 also has inputs - so if you're ever thinking about DVS, you'll want the the A6.
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    Hey mate, if you had a 2 channel mixer i would suggest picking up an audio 2, but as you have a full size mixer you should grab an audio 6 for 3 decks or try and find a second hand audio 8 for 4 decks of destruction
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