December House Mix
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    Default December House Mix

    01. Kovas & Yoqurt - Geshi (Kaito Remix)
    02. Edu Imbernon. Los Suruba, Daniel Wilde - Leopard (Boy Next Door Remix)
    03. Dave Seaman & John OO Flemming - Pixelated (Eelke Kleijn Remix)
    04. Sepehr - Apple Bottoms (Original Mix)
    05. Nico Lahs - My Side (Original Mix)
    06. Kaarel - Room Service (Original Mix)
    07. Nathan Barato - Back Up Queen (Orignal Mix)
    08. PHM - Lonely Shore (Spada Remix)
    09. Quivver - Fakes & Bullshit (Original Mix)
    10. Maceo Plex - Stimulation (Original Mix)
    11. Tim Green - Three Days Ago (Luca Lorenzo's Life In Black & White Remix)
    12. Gorge - Henrietta (Jacksonville Remix)
    13. Detroit Swindle - The Standards Of Dialogue (Original Mix)
    14. Maya Jane Coles - Over (Original Mix)

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    I listened to your mix yesterday and today, while working. I listened to it on my laptop speakers. Here's my feedback!

    - Thanks for the tracklist and download link! Tracklist and download = moar listens = more feedback! I would have appreciated proper mp3 tags on the file, though you at least named it something that helped me find this post again after listening to it.

    - I like it when people name their mixes something more creative than "December House Mix".

    - Mixing is generally solid. Levels are good, I didn't hear a lot of EQ. Phrasing is solid, but there are a few times where I heard you mix in the middle of a phrase. I presume this mix was done with sync because phasing was good throughout.

    - I liked your track selection, with the exception of the thuggy sounding vocal. Otherwise a good mix of deep techy house, in fact I'd say this mix has more tracks I'd consider "techno" or "tech house" than straight "house." I don't like that your tracklist reflects the stupid Beatport "(Original Mix)" for everything naming, but that's Beatport's fault, not yours.

    - There could have been more energy variation and/or progression through the mix. I prefer more of a journey in terms of energy variation. The intro and end were similarly abrupt, I like more of an intro/outro flavor.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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