Choosing a Interface !
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    Hello everybody! I'm about to buy a new audio interface that can be useful as a studio interface and for live "DJing"... I put djing like that becouse the thing that i want to do is to use Traktor OR Ableton and control it with iPad Lemur's app. So I need outputs for Master (mixer) I'd like a return for my KRK's and for Monitoring(Headphones) ... For studio I need a basic one, 2 Inputs will be great, with phantom power for the mic and midi for connect the iPad.

    After searching and reading a lot on internet I have 2 main interfaces in mind: Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 and Focusrite Scarlett 8i6. But I got a question on those 2 Interfaces... May I be able to monitor with the "MONITOR" Output on eachone?

    If anyone could suggest some other interface I would be very grateful too Thanks!!!!

    EDIT: I just saw the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 and I think is better becouse it has the 2 TRS outputs for my KRK's and 2 RCA outputs, 1 for the mixer and the other I could use some RCA to TRS jack for my headphones. My question will be... Could I use the TRS 1/2 out and the RCA 1/2 simultaneously? They were playing the same so there will not be problems for the setup.
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    You need 6 outs to have stereo using a single RCA would only give a mono feed into your mixer and same to headphones. What you could do is use the trs outputs into the mixer and depending on the mixer use the booth outputs for your krks and then use the RCA on the interface for headphones.

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