What scales for what genre?
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    Post What scales for what genre?

    Heya, I got myself into producing some time ago and I've got the technical basics down. Or atleast down enough that my next barrier is music theorie. And that is also my question.

    I listen to all sorts of house, from electro and progressive to tech and nu disco.
    Anyways, when I try to produce I'm unsure what scale I should use. And I know there isn't a set scale for every genre, but for example Progressive House/Dance gives that epic feeling while tech house gives something more funky/groovy.

    My question is what kind of scales are commonly used in each (sub)genre?
    And wich are used to give that 'epic' feeling?
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    WHen you are starting out, dont worry too much about which scale to use...

    But as a general rule, minor scales will give you that more epic/eerie feeling. While the major scale will feel more solid or driving.

    You can change this easily by using different rhythm thechniques or just your programming in general. Or you can write in a minor scale then when the drop comes stick to major notes.... anyway here is another interesting link you might like (its not always 100% but its a good indicator)


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