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    Ok guys i have to ask this...

    i am thinking about spraypainting my VCI-100 plates....and wanted to know if it poses any problem doing that? i was more or less thinking of unscrwing the faceplates..and spraypainting the side underneath. (side that bolts down) just in case it comes out whack -i can always turn them rightside up and have the stock silver with lettering.

    my question is- does spraypainting the Jogwheel metal plate make it less sensitive , or does it not matter?

    anyone have any reccomendations on what paint to use?

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    I'm kind of curious about painting the jog wheel face plates as well I was thinking along the lines of glow in the dark paint, but not sure if it would cause problems with the touch sensitivity as well.

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    The problem with glow in the dark paint is that you really need to put alot on for it to be effective.

    Personally i dont think spraying the jogs would be too much of a problem unless a hell of alot of paint went on the jogs.

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    Ive painted my jog wheels with black epoxy...didn't change the sensitivity at all.

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    painting them is really not so bad- nothing that cant be fixed by turning up the sensitivity. The original silver models had painted plates.

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