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    So i've been using a dvs for a while, and soon upgraded to a house studio for music production. I have all my system( KRK / MIc / etc..) hooked up to a MBox2 , besides my TT,Mixer which are hooked up to my Audio 6. Now when if i run Traktor i can play normally, but when i exit out if i play a song then no sounds comes out. I'm trying to make it still i have my full DVS setup at all times, and when i just want to listen to tracks/prepare sets i can do that to.

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    sounds like your default audio interface is different between your OS and your DJ software.

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    you just need to run your aux output on front of audio 6 to your mbox and route 1/2 as your record/booth out...and adjust levels as needed...or run the booth out of your mixer to your mbox
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    Okay so i had to re-route everything, since i had my masters from my mixer direct to KRK.

    So now nonthings working, but it's probbaly my wiring i have
    Nurmark mixer > (in) Audio 6 > (out) Audio 6 > Mbox2
    KRK L/R > KRK 10' Sub > Krk > Mbox (Spdif) port, RCA.

    Now nonthing is working, since i set my defualt audio interface to Mbox2
    While in traktor it stil Audio 6

    Update -
    Got youtube working, but only from the 10's subwoofer so its straight bass, and if i switch my audio device on traktor to mbox i get a bass sound like above, but lose my DVS
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