New to Djing & iMIX mk2!
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    Default New to Djing & iMIX mk2!

    Hey Guys!

    Randomhero828 here, long time lurker and first time poster! This year I've finally decided to fulfill a long time goal which is to learn or start at least to acquire the skills of DJ-ing! This X-mas I was given a DJ controller the Imix MK2 by some relatives who knew I was trying to get into DJ-ing (awesome!). I tried to do some research online to find out more about this controller but there seems to not be any insightful step by step setup tutorials or any other in depth review that can tell me much about the controller. I've been successful using this controller with the Deckadance LE program it came with but somehow I cannot seem to get my headphone monitoring to work! I currently am just plugging the controller through my USB to my desktop, which in turn is hooked on to my logitech 5.1 X-540 speakers (these are not plugged by RCA). I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, and I understand my questions may be ignorant and noobish, but I really am dying to learn how to DJ! Could it be my set up is not sufficient? (require different speakers?) , my output settings for my speakers? (it's currently set on 5.1, should it be under stereo?). Hopefully you experts can point me to the right direction and get this dream of mine going!! Thanks you guys!

    P.S. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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    You need to connect all your audio devices to the iMIX, not your computer. The speakers are to be connected in the back, with RCA jacks, and the headphone jack is probably on the front panel of your controller.

    For audio accuracy, I would advise to set it to stereo, but that doesn't really matter that much.
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