Traktor CDJ MK2 acting strange?
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    Default Traktor CDJ MK2 acting strange?

    I'm new here, so, if someone has already posted something along these lines, please direct me there.

    Anyhow, I've been using the S2/S4 for a while, and I've been using Stanton C.324 CDJs for a while as well. But, I just recently was able to afford the Traktor Audio 6 interface with timecode CDs for traktor.

    I'm using the most current version of Traktor Scratch Pro (2.6? w/remix decks) on a 2011 MacBook Pro with Mtn. Lion on-board.

    It seems like the timecode CDs are not working properly? My pitch control doesn't work to speed up or slow down the time code, unless I'm missing something, this seems to be a problem...

    In short, it just seems like the calibration of the timecodes is 'off' a little in general... any tips on how to do this? I've scoured the user manual, and I'm not really getting anywhere...

    Any tips or anything would be great... It's just frustrating is all haha

    Thanks for the tips!


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    Assuming your traktor decks are already in scratch control and not internal, sounds like key lock is enabled on your cd players.

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