Need help with midi fighter 3D :(
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    Default Need help with midi fighter 3D :(

    Okay hey guys, I got the midi fighter 3D for christmas today and it's great and all. I updated it to the latest firmware, but here's where the issue is. I want to use my midi fighter to map custom settings, but all I see are a bunch of templates with premade things, such as MF3D Launcher. It's got things premade into it such as tempo, etc. that you can not take out at all. I just want a fresh clean template with nothing but things I want to map to it. How can I do this?

    P.S I'm using ableton Win7 64bit
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    You need to put your Mf in Midi mode. The button on the right side down. Now you must create a new generic midi file which one you must assign to your midi fighter in the controller manager. Then you jst have to create your own mapping.

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