How to make good use of cuepoints?
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    Default How to make good use of cuepoints?

    I've been searching for a while, but still can't find an overall approach in this...

    How to make good use of cuepoints?

    Like what do u guys use, as a format?
    Like for ex. Setting 1st Cuepoint Autogrid, then Intro, Beat, Verse, Main, Break, etc.?

    And how can I see how many bars are left till the next Cuepoint is arriving?
    I mean, sometimes I look at my screen and just guess, Deck A has like 64 beats left, and so it looks like for Deck B, until the next cuepoint is representing... Until I find out there's like a a bar of 8 beats left at Deck A, lol.
    So it won't smash into Deck B, at the right place.

    Any advice or links about this, would be helpful.
    I've looked at youtube vids like:

    I'm looking for an overall method, instead of just naming the cuepoints, what's starting at the spot.
    So more a like Intro, Beat, Verse, Break, Chorus, Outro...
    Than Vocal, Basskick+Vocal, Building up, etc.
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    Cuepoint 1: always set to where I want to start the song...or bring it in a mix
    Cuepoint 2: is usually the DROP (and no I don't dj dubstep), but it's the first big kick in the mix (sometimes the chorus)
    Cuepoint 3: is Verse
    Cuepoint 4: is another Verse
    Cuepoint 5: is ALWAYS an INSTRUMENTAL LOOP entire phrase without vocals...(with a command to ACTIVATE the loop when my i press cue 5 button) (an extra button disengages and engages it)
    i dont use 6, 7 and 8 but i might possibly use them like this in flux mode
    Cuepoint 6: an isolated BIG KICK from the song
    Cuepoint 7: an isolated SNARE from the song
    Cuepoint 8: an isolated HIGH HAT from the song


    *If the vocals start a lil before the downbeat you don't want to cut off the sentence... so "disable the SNAP TO GRID" by clicking the little "S" next to the Q on the top panel and then you can have the cuepoint start a lil BEFORE the beatgrid....but you have to be good to remember how to play it so everything will come back in on the downbeat ... (they're called pickup notes)

    * When setting a cuepoint to be a loop (as i do with 5) make sure to get the ENTIRE PHRASE without vocals which is usually 8 or 16 bars towards the end...(soo many DJ's do a 4 beat loop and it sounds kinda dumb if the phrase isn't over or part of a vocal comes in at the end of it.)

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